To build innovative companies that significantly improve human health


is leading, building and investing in companies at the forefront of the movement toward consumer-driven personalized healthcare and performance


invests in early stage companies that translate research and technology into platforms that provide everyday life saving, preventive and accessible solutions

  • Develop a leading edge firm in the consumer-driven personalized healthcare space
  • Invest in and guide great people building innovative companies
  • Build companies that translate platforms from science to standard of care
  • Make healthcare more accessible and affordable to all
  • Become a leader in personalized consumer driven healthcare
  • Innovation Environment: Massive technology infrastructure pushes the pace of innovation and enables the next generation of disruptive healthcare solutions. These solution providers [arising from academic centers and the startup community] are where P5HV focuses
  • Clinical Approach: We focus on personalized, consumer driven health care. We must understand each of the patient’s, provider’s and payer’s behavior, incentives and needs. Will one prescribe it, another pay for it and the other use it? Why?
  • Platforms Only: Due to the risky nature of any early stage company, we focus on platforms that have multiple ways to succeed and significant residual value
  • Venture Environment: The current early stage venture environment is mostly a mix of angels and more mature venture capital firms. Angels provide little coordinated value while most established firms are constrained – thus leaving a gap in the venture market that P5HV targets
  • Collaborate: Where possible, to avoid being the only investor backing an early stage company, we believe that coordinating investments with other firms to share the risk, is imperative
  • Team: Peerless advisory board and extended universe of investors, businessmen, inventors, scientists, engineers
  • P5HV Ecosystem: Longstanding relationships with major academic centers, hospitals, providers and payers
  • Market niche: Early stage consumer-driven healthcare venture
    • Deal size
    • Not traditional segments, no drugs or devices
  • Perspective: Focus on healing people
    • Multi-disciplinary approach - between clinicians, researchers, providers, payers and patients
    • Integrative health approach - our three pillars of health