P5 Health Ventures is an investor in and builder of companies that deliver commercial scale healthcare products, services and technologies and provide absolute and risk-adjusted returns for its partners. The P5HV team is dedicated to only investing in companies that democratize healthcare by making higher quality care accessible to all


There are a few points that we want to get across about what we are doing here at P5 that is quite different from our peers.


1. Are a people driven social impact investor. Each investment we embrace will have or already has a significant impact on population / patient health

2. Expect to be a major factor in transforming healthcare for everyone – patients and consumers, dramatically improving quality, accessibility and outcomes, while lowering cost

3. Invest in companies that dramatically improve healthcare NOW. The new platforms of today that can lead the way forward

4. Are patient but aggressive – “be quick but don’t hurry”

5. Only invest in platforms that have multiple ways to succeed and contribute to society

6. Are focused on leading, in some cases cutting edge, but not bleeding edge

7. Leverage our podcast and media platform, P5 Protocols, to educate the industry and invite healthy dialog and change in healthcare

8. Are launching a charitable foundation to capture, analyze and (dis)prove, refine and possibly promote (proven) protocols from around the world

9. Will always stay true to the 5 in P5, which acknowledges the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first methodology to treat the body as a complex biological system

10. Are friendly activist venture capitalists

11. Embrace diversity of thought and empathy for others as CORE VALUES

Areas of Interest

P5 Health Ventures invests in companies that are near or well into revenues. We are primarily if not solely interested in companies that make healthcare accessible to all, that have a major impact on wellness and healthcare by making it easier to use, improve its quality, lowering its cost and improving its accessibility. Specific areas includes:

Disease Management (Chronic disease, behavioral health, autoimmune, etc.)

 Consumer-Driven Healthcare

 Population Health Management + Value-based Care + Preventive Care

 Diagnostics (Class I, II patient-oriented)

 Telehealth + Remote Monitoring

– Nutrition + Consumption

 Other areas of our interest include technologies that will drive down the costs of care and make high quality healthcare accessible for all


P5HV is primarily focused on Seed – Series B companies that are near revenue generation (<18 months) or currently have revenues and clear exit paths.

Typical Investment Size:

 Seed: Up to $1M + co-investment opportunities
 Series A/B: Up to $3.5M + co-investment opportunities