Metabolic Approach to Disease

In the years ahead, we will cover many different areas of medicine. However, the first area is one where we think there could be a profoundly positive impact on healthcare and more importantly the health of humans (and for that matter animals as well). People in this country are heavier than ever, dealing with greater prevalence of disease – autism, cancer, autoimmune and other.

So our first endeavor is to look at the metabolic approach to medicine. We realize that this path will not lead to many if any near term investments for P5HV, but it should help spread the presence of diet, stress and other factors that affect the human body. Further, many of the therapies associated with this are non invasive and low risk and likely additive to current therapies.

With this in mind, expect to start seeing posts in the month ahead and please send any thoughts, people you think we should meet and resources.



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